On Monday the 18th of May the 5/6’s went to camp. We went to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. In Ballarat we went panning for gold, shopping, saw Blood on the Southern Cross and Romeo and Juliet. When we went panning for gold most people didn’t find gold because it’s really hard. Cause the gold is smaller than an ant. When you pan for gold you have a pan you get some sand from the stream and you shake the sand out bit by bit. It’s easy to spot the gold in the pan because it stands out from the sand. It was really fun. We also saw two live shows. The first one we saw was Blood on the Southern Cross. It was about how people lived on the goldfields and judging by what they showed life was hard for everyone. Then in 1854 the government passed a law that any person that entered the goldfields had to have a license, and if you didn’t have one you would have to go to jail. Then in 1854 Peter Lalor said that all the miners that had licenses would burn them, and so they did.

The second live show we saw was Romeo and Juliet but what we saw wasn’t Romeo and Juliet it was how to be a proper lady and a proper gentleman, it was really funny then they also did another show this one was black beard the pirate and it was a pantomime. It was so funny. Then the best part of all was shopping. Shopping was the best you were allowed to bring $20 or less to spend in Ballarat. And the best shop to shop at is the Lolly Shop. There is every kind of lolly you can think of. There are also heaps of other shops.


So now you know how much fun Sovereign Hill is and maybe one day you can visit it to.


Saying Goodbye

I just want to say goodbye to the student blogging challenge because I have learnt so many things doing the challenge. When you search up facts to put on your blog you learn some facts as well. Like when we had to write a post about inventing a board game or doing research a board game you don’t know about because I did research about monopoly and I don’t know about monopoly.

There were heaps more challenges I could talk about but it will take to long but you get it don’t you, you learn so much with the blogging challenge.

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My Goal

Hi everyone I have 143 visitors and my goal is 150. I have 12 country’s and my goal is 15. So please tell all your friends and family to visit my blog.



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My trip

When I’m 18, I’m going to travel the world and find a job. The first country I’m going to visit is New Zealand then London, LA, then Hollywood. In Hollywood or LA I am going to be a pop singer. Then when I’m a superstar I’m going to visit London and New Zealand for a holiday.


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When was monopoly invented?

Monopoly was first invented in 1903, by  Parker Brothers with also a little help from Elisabeth Maggie, Matt Pocock and Charles Darrow.

Where was monopoly invented?

Monopoly was invented in America, and published in 1933 by Parker Brothers.

Why was monopoly invented?

Monopoly was invented to to help distress people.

Extra in formation.

Designers: Elisabeth Maggie and Charles Darrow.

Illustrator: Matt Pocock.

Publisher: Parker Brothers.

Playing time: 60-140 minutes[1-4 hours]

Aim of the game: The aim of the game is to have the most money. 

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Weazels are the cutest animals in the world. 

Here are some facts about weazels.

Weasels reach a length of 23cm with a short tail of up to 6.5cm. They weigh up to 170g.

What they eat.

Weasels eat mainly mice, voles and shrews, but will probably kill and eat any other prey that they can master, including young rabbits, small birds and eggs.

Did you know?

Weazels are the 8 best climbing animals in the world.

There now you know a bit more about weazels.[ The cutest animals in the world.]

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School holidays

School holidays have finished and we’re back to school. Now we are in term 2. I love school because I learn new things every day and I also make lots of friends. In term 2 we will learn about new subjects and other fun things that we can do for the rest of the year.

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My poem

Today I put on some nail polish that was blue and white

And from a distance it was very bright.

I had the nail polish on for nearly 2 weeks

And when I tried to remove it, it left some streaks.

I needed my mum to get the rest of it off.

By the time she got it off 

I started to get a cough

Next time I think I’ll buy some fake nails

So I can tell my tails.




My passion

My passion is dancing. I started dancing when I was little then I stopped  for a few years. At the start of the year I started again, but I go to a different dancing school now. I used to go to Topaz but now I go to Vaughan academy of dancing. I do jazz, tap and ballet. It’s really fun. This is my passion because I’v always loved dancing.

About me!

Hi my name is Emily and this is my blog. I go to a catholic school. My hobbies are swimming, dancing, acrobatics and karate. I have a pet dog named Rusty. He is 12 years old but he is still very energetic. He is black and white and has brown eyes. His breed is a Shitzu and he’s very friendly but he is sometimes shy around other people. I also have a mum and a dad, I also have a younger brother called Marcus he is 7 years old. In my class we are reading the book Rowan of Rin, it’s great and every week we have a different activity. I love reading, its  my fav thing to do at school.  I could read for the rest of my life. And my favourite colours are purple,  fluoro pink and yellow. I love all sorts of animals especially dogs.

My favourite foods are pizza, hot chips, hamburgers, every type of mint, mint ice cream, white chocolate, pasta, tic tacks, chicken wraps, souvlaki, sprinkles, creamy pasta and hot dogs.