The Day Of The Dead!!!

The day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico and is a very festive time. People dress up as skulls and paint there faces. There celebrate the day of the dead because they believe that on the 31st of October all the people ho have died come back to life that day. They all go to the cemetery and have a picnic and decorate the grave stones with flowers and skulls. This is rather a happy time of year than sad because they remember all the happy things about the person that died.

My Reflection

My reflection for 4th term.

One of the first things that I did in term 4 was my class started a new novel, it was called Surfing Mr Petrovic. It was about a young boy called Tao his parents had split up and him and his friends were trying to get even with Mr Petrovic, because the football landed in his yard. Then they come up with all sorts of pranks to pull on Mr Petrovic and Tao is always the one that gets caught by Mr Petrovic. Then Mr Petrovic tells the school principle and they get in big trouble. Then they pull another prank and this time there gone to far Mr Petrovic calls the police, then the principle came into the class and asked who did the prank but Tao said it was him but he didn’t tell on his friends. It was a really good book and I recommend you should read it.

The second thing was that we learned about prefixes. We had to choose a prefix, my friend and I chose ABLE, we had to right down all the words we could think of ending in ABLE over all we got 76 words. That was the most I’ve ever gotten. We had to draw a tree and then write the words in the branches, it was really fun. Then a couple of weeks later we did that again but this time I did it with another partner, but this time we had to write the prefix in bubble writing and write the words in side the bubble writing. It was really fun.

Then we decorated skulls for THE DAY OF THE DEAD also known as HALLOWEEN! We had to look up some art that the Mexicans did on skulls for the day of the dead and then copy them. It was awesome They all look really cool. Here’s a picture from the internet of what they look like.

 painted skull

Well that’s been half of my term 4 nearly the end of school I’m so excited can’t wait for next year.