My Reflection

On Tuesday night we had our School Expo my group did it on wind we made a anemometer which measured the wind. It was made out of some wire and paper cups, you blow into the paper cups and it spins around the wire we also made a little wind farm out of paper wind turbines and a giant wind turbine you could blow into. We also had a video and did you knows. Here were some of them.

Did you know that all up there are 119000 wind turbines in Australia.

Did you know that 1 wind turbine can power 150 homes.

Did you know Tony Abbott (Australia’s prime minister)  wants to get rid of wind farms.

In the video we got told us how wind forms and that the sun helps create the wind did you know that cause I didn’t! I was in a group with Isabelle, Maryanne, Steph and Alannah except Alannah wasn’t there on the Expo cause she was in America. We also had our reports that we did on a source of energy. All the parents came to look at or project and listen to the video. I thought it was a pretty good night!

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