My Week x5

Monday- On Monday 2 players from the Hawks football team they came to tell us about healthy eating, hydration and good exercise. Then we went outside and played some games, there was kicking goals, hand balling and hand balling into the net. It was awesome, I so excited to meet the Hawthorn football players even though i go for Collingwood but still it was cool.

Tuesday-  On Tuesday we did a decimat it was really fun we played heaps of games with it you can fit a lot of stuff onto it you should try it. Some friends in my class also went to do the university of new south whales test (maths.)

Wednesday- Wednesday was a very busy day cause we had to get a lot of things finished because Thursday our school has the day off.

Thursday- No school!!!

Friday- Friday was another busy day we still had to finish off things and we also put or spelling words on excel which we haven’t done in a long time so that was fun doing it again cause I love excel! 

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