My Week x4

Hi everyone this post is all about my week at school x4.

Monday- On Monday we started with maths we did decimals again but today we put it in a decimal chart. It’s actually pretty easy.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we did our inquiry again this time we finished the research so we put our infomation on prezi. If you don’t know what prezi is it’s a really good site you can do on and put some infomation on it if you want to try it out then just type up prezi and it’s the first one. It’s really interesting.

Wednesday- On Wednesday a guy for the Hawk’s footy team came and gave us a few tips about healthy eating and good exersize. Did you know that adults need 5 glasses of water a day and 60 minutes of exersize a day.

Thursday- On Thursday we did some more maths on decimals and place value charts, it was really fun!

Friday- Well on Friday we learned a new dance it’s an old style rock and role song it was really fun!


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