My Week 3

This week was the best week of my life because………………………………

On Monday was Italian Day it was so fun. We had to dress up from someone from the Roman Empire. I dressed up as a wealthy women. We also had pizza for lunch and ice cream for play lunch is was delicious. We also had groups one group was indoor games, outdoor games, mosaics, coins and bag making. It was all really fun!

On Tuesday we reflected on Italian day and started our inquiry. For inquiry we went in groups of 4 or 5. In my group there was 5 people. Steph, Alannah. A, Mary, Isabelle and me (Emily). The topic was Energy and our question was How Does Wind Produce Energy and as you can see from our title we are doing it on wind.


Wednesday we did more inquiry we are doing this for an expo at our school that we do every year its really fun. we also did some maths we started decimals its really hard when you don’t know what your doing but when you have a few try’s it’s easy and really fun!

On Thursday we had a quiet day we didn’t really do much we stayed inside first play cause it was raining. Then we did some more maths on decimals again and a bit more inquiry it was fun.

Friday the last day of the week yay! Thank god its Friday as they say. Well on Friday we did some more inquiry. And that was my week.



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