My Week 2

This week (2 week of the term) a lady called Catherine came. She is a lady who comes to our school and teaches us about how to handle bulling and cyber safety. She’s really fun. So its important to be safe on the internet, and that bulling is wrong.

Tuesday: Today we did maths it was about tallies, we played a game of heads or tails. For heads or tails we had to turn around, for heads you need to put both hands on your head and for tails your need to put both hands on you back and if you wanted to do heads or tails you put one hand on your head and one hand on your back. It was really fun.

Wednesday: Today we went to Emmaus to see a production on Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome. There was a lot of singing and dancing, it was so much fun to go and watch. You should go and see it.

Thursday: Today some football players came to your school and taught us a bit about footy we also played some games. It was really fun.



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