My Week 2

This week (2 week of the term) a lady called Catherine came. She is a lady who comes to our school and teaches us about how to handle bulling and cyber safety. She’s really fun. So its important to be safe on the internet, and that bulling is wrong.

Tuesday: Today we did maths it was about tallies, we played a game of heads or tails. For heads or tails we had to turn around, for heads you need to put both hands on your head and for tails your need to put both hands on you back and if you wanted to do heads or tails you put one hand on your head and one hand on your back. It was really fun.

Wednesday: Today we went to Emmaus to see a production on Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome. There was a lot of singing and dancing, it was so much fun to go and watch. You should go and see it.

Thursday: Today some football players came to your school and taught us a bit about footy we also played some games. It was really fun.



My Week

Well this week [the first week back from a 2 week holiday] we did maths, more maths, reading and art.

The first and second day we did maths. First day we did fractions, with the fractions we went in groups and we each got some blocks, then the teacher said a fraction e.g. 9/12 of 24 then we had to make that fractions with the block then do the math in our books. It was really fun.

The second day we did more maths and it was fractions again but this time we have to write them in a factor tree’s then in brackets. e.g. (12 divided by 24)x 9 = 18 now that might be a bit complicated because there is no divided sign on my computer but its easier on paper.

Third day we did reading, the teachers put us in groups and gave us a book and we had to read it and then get a activity sheet. My groups book was called The Making Of An Astronaut. Its a book about astronaut’s going up into space and how they train. Did you know before astronaut’s go into space they need to train for 1000 hours and they need to be able to swim three lengths of the pool in a space suit in case they landed in the ocean. It was really exciting and you learn lots of facts.

Fourth Day, on the fourth day we did art we had to make an optical illusion. To do that you need to get a piece of paper and trace your hand, then you need to draw lines over the hand then color it in, but if that’s confusing for you then try and see it you can copy of this picture.  P.S you need to type it in.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post on My Week so good bye until the next post.

We’re Back!!!

Term 2 has finished and now where in term 3. We’ve just come back from a 2 week holiday so now where back at school and I’m back to blogging. This term we have a lot of exciting this coming up, like next Thursday Hawthorn footy players are coming our school, to bad I don’t go for Hawthorn I go for Collingwood. GO THE PIES!!!. Then a week later on Monday the 27th it’s Italian Day, Yay!!! The grade 5/6’s have to dress up like someone from the Roman Empire, I’m dressing up as a wealthy lady. Then I’m not sure what we have next but I bet it’s going to be fun. 

Okay then that’s all until my next post bye!!!