On Monday the 18th of May the 5/6’s went to camp. We went to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. In Ballarat we went panning for gold, shopping, saw Blood on the Southern Cross and Romeo and Juliet. When we went panning for gold most people didn’t find gold because it’s really hard. Cause the gold is smaller than an ant. When you pan for gold you have a pan you get some sand from the stream and you shake the sand out bit by bit. It’s easy to spot the gold in the pan because it stands out from the sand. It was really fun. We also saw two live shows. The first one we saw was Blood on the Southern Cross. It was about how people lived on the goldfields and judging by what they showed life was hard for everyone. Then in 1854 the government passed a law that any person that entered the goldfields had to have a license, and if you didn’t have one you would have to go to jail. Then in 1854 Peter Lalor said that all the miners that had licenses would burn them, and so they did.

The second live show we saw was Romeo and Juliet but what we saw wasn’t Romeo and Juliet it was how to be a proper lady and a proper gentleman, it was really funny then they also did another show this one was black beard the pirate and it was a pantomime. It was so funny. Then the best part of all was shopping. Shopping was the best you were allowed to bring $20 or less to spend in Ballarat. And the best shop to shop at is the Lolly Shop. There is every kind of lolly you can think of. There are also heaps of other shops.


So now you know how much fun Sovereign Hill is and maybe one day you can visit it to.


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