Saying Goodbye

I just want to say goodbye to the student blogging challenge because I have learnt so many things doing the challenge. When you search up facts to put on your blog you learn some facts as well. Like when we had to write a post about inventing a board game or doing research a board game you don’t know about because I did research about monopoly and I don’t know about monopoly.

There were heaps more challenges I could talk about but it will take to long but you get it don’t you, you learn so much with the blogging challenge.

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My Goal

Hi everyone I have 143 visitors and my goal is 150. I have 12 country’s and my goal is 15. So please tell all your friends and family to visit my blog.



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My trip

When I’m 18, I’m going to travel the world and find a job. The first country I’m going to visit is New Zealand then London, LA, then Hollywood. In Hollywood or LA I am going to be a pop singer. Then when I’m a superstar I’m going to visit London and New Zealand for a holiday.


Hollywood.jpg (1600×1200)                big_ben.jpg (1000×714)        new-zealand-wallpaper-3.jpg (1600×1200)         los-angeles_100545600.jpg (4133×2800)        q=new+zealand&view=detailv2&&&id=FD74F6B9A3EA508937F4FD0CC48EFC0A529236D8&selected