My poem

Today I put on some nail polish that was blue and white

And from a distance it was very bright.

I had the nail polish on for nearly 2 weeks

And when I tried to remove it, it left some streaks.

I needed my mum to get the rest of it off.

By the time she got it off 

I started to get a cough

Next time I think I’ll buy some fake nails

So I can tell my tails.




My passion

My passion is dancing. I started dancing when I was little then I stopped  for a few years. At the start of the year I started again, but I go to a different dancing school now. I used to go to Topaz but now I go to Vaughan academy of dancing. I do jazz, tap and ballet. It’s really fun. This is my passion because I’v always loved dancing.

About me!

Hi my name is Emily and this is my blog. I go to a catholic school. My hobbies are swimming, dancing, acrobatics and karate. I have a pet dog named Rusty. He is 12 years old but he is still very energetic. He is black and white and has brown eyes. His breed is a Shitzu and he’s very friendly but he is sometimes shy around other people. I also have a mum and a dad, I also have a younger brother called Marcus he is 7 years old. In my class we are reading the book Rowan of Rin, it’s great and every week we have a different activity. I love reading, its  my fav thing to do at school.  I could read for the rest of my life. And my favourite colours are purple,  fluoro pink and yellow. I love all sorts of animals especially dogs.

My favourite foods are pizza, hot chips, hamburgers, every type of mint, mint ice cream, white chocolate, pasta, tic tacks, chicken wraps, souvlaki, sprinkles, creamy pasta and hot dogs.