The Day Of The Dead!!!

The day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico and is a very festive time. People dress up as skulls and paint there faces. There celebrate the day of the dead because they believe that on the 31st of October all the people ho have died come back to life that day. They all go to the cemetery and have a picnic and decorate the grave stones with flowers and skulls. This is rather a happy time of year than sad because they remember all the happy things about the person that died.

My Reflection

My reflection for 4th term.

One of the first things that I did in term 4 was my class started a new novel, it was called Surfing Mr Petrovic. It was about a young boy called Tao his parents had split up and him and his friends were trying to get even with Mr Petrovic, because the football landed in his yard. Then they come up with all sorts of pranks to pull on Mr Petrovic and Tao is always the one that gets caught by Mr Petrovic. Then Mr Petrovic tells the school principle and they get in big trouble. Then they pull another prank and this time there gone to far Mr Petrovic calls the police, then the principle came into the class and asked who did the prank but Tao said it was him but he didn’t tell on his friends. It was a really good book and I recommend you should read it.

The second thing was that we learned about prefixes. We had to choose a prefix, my friend and I chose ABLE, we had to right down all the words we could think of ending in ABLE over all we got 76 words. That was the most I’ve ever gotten. We had to draw a tree and then write the words in the branches, it was really fun. Then a couple of weeks later we did that again but this time I did it with another partner, but this time we had to write the prefix in bubble writing and write the words in side the bubble writing. It was really fun.

Then we decorated skulls for THE DAY OF THE DEAD also known as HALLOWEEN! We had to look up some art that the Mexicans did on skulls for the day of the dead and then copy them. It was awesome They all look really cool. Here’s a picture from the internet of what they look like.

 painted skull

Well that’s been half of my term 4 nearly the end of school I’m so excited can’t wait for next year.

My Reflection

On Tuesday night we had our School Expo my group did it on wind we made a anemometer which measured the wind. It was made out of some wire and paper cups, you blow into the paper cups and it spins around the wire we also made a little wind farm out of paper wind turbines and a giant wind turbine you could blow into. We also had a video and did you knows. Here were some of them.

Did you know that all up there are 119000 wind turbines in Australia.

Did you know that 1 wind turbine can power 150 homes.

Did you know Tony Abbott (Australia’s prime minister)  wants to get rid of wind farms.

In the video we got told us how wind forms and that the sun helps create the wind did you know that cause I didn’t! I was in a group with Isabelle, Maryanne, Steph and Alannah except Alannah wasn’t there on the Expo cause she was in America. We also had our reports that we did on a source of energy. All the parents came to look at or project and listen to the video. I thought it was a pretty good night!

Week 6

Monday- On Monday we did maths on rounding its really fun and easy you just need to focus on the last number half of the time i know how to round decimals as well i think rounding decimals is easier than rounding normal numbers.

Wednesday- On Wednesday the grade 3,4,5’s and 6’s went outside to practice for inter-school sports it was really fun I went for the 100 m race, the 200 m sprint and hurdles.

Friday- Friday which is the day I write these posts we are going outside again the practice our sport for the inter-school sport carnival. And I’m practicing the 200 m sprint today did you know when your running if you move you arms up and down the same speed as you run you will go faster. True fact!

My Week x5

Monday- On Monday 2 players from the Hawks football team they came to tell us about healthy eating, hydration and good exercise. Then we went outside and played some games, there was kicking goals, hand balling and hand balling into the net. It was awesome, I so excited to meet the Hawthorn football players even though i go for Collingwood but still it was cool.

Tuesday-  On Tuesday we did a decimat it was really fun we played heaps of games with it you can fit a lot of stuff onto it you should try it. Some friends in my class also went to do the university of new south whales test (maths.)

Wednesday- Wednesday was a very busy day cause we had to get a lot of things finished because Thursday our school has the day off.

Thursday- No school!!!

Friday- Friday was another busy day we still had to finish off things and we also put or spelling words on excel which we haven’t done in a long time so that was fun doing it again cause I love excel! 

My Week x4

Hi everyone this post is all about my week at school x4.

Monday- On Monday we started with maths we did decimals again but today we put it in a decimal chart. It’s actually pretty easy.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we did our inquiry again this time we finished the research so we put our infomation on prezi. If you don’t know what prezi is it’s a really good site you can do on and put some infomation on it if you want to try it out then just type up prezi and it’s the first one. It’s really interesting.

Wednesday- On Wednesday a guy for the Hawk’s footy team came and gave us a few tips about healthy eating and good exersize. Did you know that adults need 5 glasses of water a day and 60 minutes of exersize a day.

Thursday- On Thursday we did some more maths on decimals and place value charts, it was really fun!

Friday- Well on Friday we learned a new dance it’s an old style rock and role song it was really fun!


My Week 3

This week was the best week of my life because………………………………

On Monday was Italian Day it was so fun. We had to dress up from someone from the Roman Empire. I dressed up as a wealthy women. We also had pizza for lunch and ice cream for play lunch is was delicious. We also had groups one group was indoor games, outdoor games, mosaics, coins and bag making. It was all really fun!

On Tuesday we reflected on Italian day and started our inquiry. For inquiry we went in groups of 4 or 5. In my group there was 5 people. Steph, Alannah. A, Mary, Isabelle and me (Emily). The topic was Energy and our question was How Does Wind Produce Energy and as you can see from our title we are doing it on wind.


Wednesday we did more inquiry we are doing this for an expo at our school that we do every year its really fun. we also did some maths we started decimals its really hard when you don’t know what your doing but when you have a few try’s it’s easy and really fun!

On Thursday we had a quiet day we didn’t really do much we stayed inside first play cause it was raining. Then we did some more maths on decimals again and a bit more inquiry it was fun.

Friday the last day of the week yay! Thank god its Friday as they say. Well on Friday we did some more inquiry. And that was my week.



My Week 2

This week (2 week of the term) a lady called Catherine came. She is a lady who comes to our school and teaches us about how to handle bulling and cyber safety. She’s really fun. So its important to be safe on the internet, and that bulling is wrong.

Tuesday: Today we did maths it was about tallies, we played a game of heads or tails. For heads or tails we had to turn around, for heads you need to put both hands on your head and for tails your need to put both hands on you back and if you wanted to do heads or tails you put one hand on your head and one hand on your back. It was really fun.

Wednesday: Today we went to Emmaus to see a production on Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome. There was a lot of singing and dancing, it was so much fun to go and watch. You should go and see it.

Thursday: Today some football players came to your school and taught us a bit about footy we also played some games. It was really fun.



My Week

Well this week [the first week back from a 2 week holiday] we did maths, more maths, reading and art.

The first and second day we did maths. First day we did fractions, with the fractions we went in groups and we each got some blocks, then the teacher said a fraction e.g. 9/12 of 24 then we had to make that fractions with the block then do the math in our books. It was really fun.

The second day we did more maths and it was fractions again but this time we have to write them in a factor tree’s then in brackets. e.g. (12 divided by 24)x 9 = 18 now that might be a bit complicated because there is no divided sign on my computer but its easier on paper.

Third day we did reading, the teachers put us in groups and gave us a book and we had to read it and then get a activity sheet. My groups book was called The Making Of An Astronaut. Its a book about astronaut’s going up into space and how they train. Did you know before astronaut’s go into space they need to train for 1000 hours and they need to be able to swim three lengths of the pool in a space suit in case they landed in the ocean. It was really exciting and you learn lots of facts.

Fourth Day, on the fourth day we did art we had to make an optical illusion. To do that you need to get a piece of paper and trace your hand, then you need to draw lines over the hand then color it in, but if that’s confusing for you then try and see it you can copy of this picture.  P.S you need to type it in.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post on My Week so good bye until the next post.

We’re Back!!!

Term 2 has finished and now where in term 3. We’ve just come back from a 2 week holiday so now where back at school and I’m back to blogging. This term we have a lot of exciting this coming up, like next Thursday Hawthorn footy players are coming our school, to bad I don’t go for Hawthorn I go for Collingwood. GO THE PIES!!!. Then a week later on Monday the 27th it’s Italian Day, Yay!!! The grade 5/6’s have to dress up like someone from the Roman Empire, I’m dressing up as a wealthy lady. Then I’m not sure what we have next but I bet it’s going to be fun. 

Okay then that’s all until my next post bye!!!